We are currently serving 450 kids at 10 elementary schools.
Of the 4 schools for which statistics are available, 905 out of 913 kids live in poverty.
Donations are tax exempt. Food4KidsNM is an affliate of 3HO New Mexico, a 503(c) non-profit.

Feeding Kids in Northern New Mexico
Food-for-Kids is a volunteer program that serves hungry children in and around the Española, New Mexico area since 2009. We regularly provide bags of food to local children between ages 6 and 12 who do not always get enough food to eat.
Although the school-system here provides free breakfast and lunch for qualifying children, often on the weekends the children go without and get very hungry. A bag of food provided by us gives a child nutrition, reduces their hunger, and above all it gives them hope. In the face of a home situation that they usually can't change, this hope challenges feelings of despair. It gives them a greater today and a vision for a greater tomorrow.
The joy and security this program provides these children is priceless. Getting food instead of going hungry, and then becoming irritable and angry, can be the difference between a child becoming a productive member of society or turning to crime. The bottom line is, it is not just their future, these children will become our future leaders too. We hope you will join us in support of our collective future.
All donations go straight to the purchase of food for kids. All work is done on a volunteer basis.

  • Of 913 kids at 4 of the schools, 905 live in poverty. The other 3 schools are federal/pueblo schools without the same statistical information available to us.
  • Currently 411 children get a bag of food weekly during the school year.
  • We provide food for children at elementary schools who do not get enough (or any) food to eat at home on the weekends.
  • This program began in 2009.
  • The need of the student is decided between the school counselor, nurse, principal and teachers.
  • A bag consists of a can of rice and beans, a banana, an apple, a granola bar, single serving of milk and fruit juice, 1 cereal, and a cheese stick. During longer school breaks, we like to add a loaf of bread, a raisin box, peanut butter, nuts, and trailmix if there is enough money.
  • This is done completely as a volunteer effort and only exists by people's donations.
  • New Mexico is #1 in child hunger
  • Many have nothing to eat on the weekends, while many more go to bed without dinner at night
  • We follow these national guidelines:
    • any 6-year old must be able to open it without any help,
    • all items have to be factory-sealed,
    • all items shall not require heating or cooling in any form,
    • all items have to be single servings

We are available via email at: contactUs@Food4KidsNM.org
Letters can be sent to the address listed below.

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